Keep Your Brain Young

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    Neuroscience and psychology have teamed together to let us know that keeping our brain young is possible and easier than you may realize. Read this article below What technique would you find the simplest

    NOT AGAIN ! unHAPPY to be awake now?

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    It's 2am and you are still Awake!! Each time you close your eyes images, conversations, tears come but no sleep.  It feels as if you have never slept.   Your body is so tired your

    Boost Brain Function with a Snowy Walk

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    Our Brains function well in cold weather too! You will be surprised to find how good you feel when you come back from a 10 to 15 minute walk. While winter presents some practical challenges

    LOOK UP! There Isn’t Anywhere Else To Look

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    Sometimes you pull a blooper and you think OMG what am I going to do is this the END? I have worked so hard for this moment.  I blew it, disappointed people and I cannot