Does Sleep Debt Matter?

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    Here is an article i found on the topic of Sleep Debt. What is sleep debt?  Seems more people have a higher rate of sleep debt and that their financial woes might be lightened with a bit

    Sleep Debt! Don’t I Have Enough Debt Already?

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    Wikipedia defines sleep debt as the cumulative effect of lack of sleep. Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t define these words at all. Large amounts of lost sleep can lead to mental and physical fatigue. Who is affected

    Nodding off or NOT Why Can’t I Sleep?

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    Why can’t I sit down without dropping off to sleep after only a few moments?  It’s embarrassing! In Kim Jong Un’s North Korea falling asleep was fatal during May 2015. The defence minister nodded off

    Forgiveness isn’t Soft Stuff it is Hard Science: Positively Brain Healthy

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    So we think 'forgiveness' is divine and to err is human. Look at how G-d wired us! Forgiveness effects the brain! In profound ways. Dr. Dabney Ewin used hypnosis on burn patients before and during