Raw... that's how I feel and that's why I cannot speak.  Since the death of my grandson, the deterioration of my husband's physical health... Moving domicile... twice! I moved into one apartment temporarily, then when the permanent location was ready (August 1) I moved again, three weeks ago.  All in between June and August, running

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Grieving the loss of a child, the Jewish Approach

I noticed that there is a lot of negative emotion on the subject of the Jewish way of #mourning the loss of a newborn, #miscarriage, or #stillbirth of an infant.  I have learned a lot from my experience and hope what I learned will help others and help to mitigate some of the negative emotions.

It’s Spring! Have You Noticed?

What is this woman on about!  Of course I noticed it's spring can't you see?  I'm cleaning! THAT is just my point.  The moment any change, whether it is weather or otherwise, comes about we have to 'control' that change somehow. It has to be assigned to a task or rather multiple tasks have to be

From Woe to WOW: Escape to Sleep

Woe: Patty went from the kitchen to the den for only a moment.  She sat on her comfortable but broken couch. She flipped open a magazine.  Patty doesn't remember the article she turned to except that upon awakening hours later she was on page 76. The article was a blur. 'Oh G-d! its 2am! I

NOT AGAIN ! unHAPPY to be awake now?

It's 2am and you are still Awake!! Each time you close your eyes images, conversations, tears come but no sleep.  It feels as if you have never slept.   Your body is so tired your eyes hurt and yet closing them doesn't help.  How about counting sheep, numbers, children... No,  not thinking about the trouble

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LOOK UP! There Isn’t Anywhere Else To Look

Sometimes you pull a blooper and you think OMG what am I going to do is this the END? I have worked so hard for this moment.  I blew it, disappointed people and I cannot even blame anyone else for my error.  I did it my self!   Well, self, let me introduce you ....

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Sleep Debt! Don’t I Have Enough Debt Already?

Wikipedia defines sleep debt as the cumulative effect of lack of sleep. Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t define these words at all. Large amounts of lost sleep can lead to mental and physical fatigue. Who is affected by sleep debt MOMS especially NEW MOMS, shift workers, internet users and gamers that push off sleep because they are

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Nodding off or NOT Why Can’t I Sleep?

Why can’t I sit down without dropping off to sleep after only a few moments?  It’s embarrassing! In Kim Jong Un’s North Korea falling asleep was fatal during May 2015. The defence minister nodded off during a meeting subsequently that minister was executed. WHY is this happening and what’s a person to do? Here are some

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It is life saving to be pulled out of quick sand but sure doesn't feel good on the way out... only after the realization has sunk in.  I am alive!  I am here on the grass!  I am safe.. Whatever got lost in the quick sand is actually gone as well. I got introduced to hypnosis

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From WAR to COLD war… What Price FOOD?

I am back tracking a bit: 2007-2009. Yehuda's friends created and published an album of a number of Yehuda's compositions. The album called Harei Yehuda was very well received and we got so many kind letters and calls! It was really beautiful! On the home front though new more devastating symptoms had now arrived and

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