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What would it be like if you found an efficient, profound and deeply effective way to quickly alleviate issues that have been bothering you and affecting you negatively, some, maybe for years? 

Hi. I’m Tammy Gilden, and I am the owner of Toronto Hypnosis Coach and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist
and Holistic Health Coach

You are unique, and my services are tailored to your particular requirements.
I provide individual and group sessions for men and women online via Skype/Google +, or telephone. I also run individual sessions in my home office for women.

Toronto Hypnosis Coach Tammy Gilden

My approach is accepting, non-judgmental and nurturing.

We will build from your personal strengths and expand your bank of abilities, positive attributes and more to increase your joy of life and living. I’ll empower you to take incremental steps easily, and seemingly effortlessly, to improve your life – on your terms – day by day!


Worldwide Services via Skype/Google+

Men, women, children and teens can visit with Tammy worldwide from the comfort of home.
Technology gives us a highly effective and confidential way of meeting no matter where in the world you are. Contact me today to discover how online hypnosis coaching works.


Toronto Corporate Trainings, Group Coaching and Mentoring

Want to melt the stress in your organization, and improve performance?

What would it be like if you found an efficient, profound and deeply effective way to quickly alleviate issues that have been tearing at the underpinning of your organization or business?

Perhaps you thought it was difficult to arrange or wondered how to implement a program like this in your workplace, school, or organization?

  • Stress Relief Programs- help team spirit and reduce illness within your organization.
  • Weight Loss Programs – put the ‘bounce’ back into your team
  • Academic Performance Enhancement: Helps your team, students et. al. absorb and retain new material & concepts with ease.  Hypnosis improves memory recall and performance reduces Exam Anxiety, and empowers students, trainees to perform better and effectively.

Call me now for more information on 416-633-0977 or toll free 1-866- 662-8881


Dear Tammy, I want to thank you for the great first session we had last week. Since our session I have noticed the following effects: 1. My appetite has decreased by 25 – 30 % 2. I am drinking way more water 3. While I could easily drink 2 – 3 glasses of wine, this
Nira A. Israel
My surgery was approaching and I was so nervous! Tammy’s timely hypnosis session helped me be calmer overall. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the night before the surgery I slept very soundly too. It was such a relief to feel rested and able to face this challenge.
Beverly K. Toronto, Ontario
My mind was stuck on some particularly negative thoughts. Neither day nor night left me relaxed as these thoughts kept invading. Tammy helped me rid myself of this defeating pattern. I feel relaxed and free now. Thanks
Pavel B. GTA, Ontario
Hi Tammy I cannot thank you enough for helping to enable me to drive again without severe reactions! Last week I was in a minor fender bender, I was physically fine but the incident caused me to remember a previous event in which I witnessed the death of a traffic victim. After my fender bender,
Cora W., United Kingdom
Hi Tammy, An added benefit of our session was the calm I have been able to maintain at work. My stressful job can go ‘over the top’ when the families of my patient in palliative care are in trauma or the situation escalates resulting in loss. One such happened yesterday. The family member was really
Sue P.




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Toronto Hypnosis Coach Tammy Gilden

I am a Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) committed to providing expert services in coaching, active listening, and accountability.

International Association for Health Coaches Member