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Is This What Prosperity Has Wrought?


IS THIS what Prosperity Has Wrought?

Is this the result of prosperity? Are we happy with the result?

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Happy- Pain Free – Hypnosis Solutions

Doctors are people too with aches and pains.  This doctor recognizes the benefits of self-hypnosis for pain relief.  He is sharing his experience:  Read more here Pain relief    


Sharp is a state of being.  #Sharp is an #emotion.  Sharp is #pain. Piercing and draining in its depth of penetration into the denial that followed the #diagnosis, the death of the dream, of the child. Sharp is the sound of weeping that is really a scream. Sharp is a necessary emotion.  Living on the

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Sleep HAPPY Here!

Did you think you went to sleep?  Are you are still tired?  Are you happy to go to sleep only to feel frustrated that it just didn't seem to matter? Know why? This is an education piece on what may make a real difference to sleeping and rest. What do you think? Are you going

Surprised Doctor!

I am a Hypnosis coach and recommend using it because it's had such a positive effect on my own life. In 2013, after discovering that I had rapid heart rate (Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia or SVT), the cardiologist recommended and ablation, a minor heart surgery. At that time, my heart-rate was bouncing up 3-4 times a week

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Pain in the neck?



Raw... that's how I feel and that's why I cannot speak.  Since the death of my grandson, the deterioration of my husband's physical health... Moving domicile... twice! I moved into one apartment temporarily, then when the permanent location was ready (August 1) I moved again, three weeks ago.  All in between June and August, running

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Grieving the loss of a child, the Jewish Approach

I noticed that there is a lot of negative emotion on the subject of the Jewish way of #mourning the loss of a newborn, #miscarriage, or #stillbirth of an infant.  I have learned a lot from my experience and hope what I learned will help others and help to mitigate some of the negative emotions.

It’s Spring! Have You Noticed?

What is this woman on about!  Of course I noticed it's spring can't you see?  I'm cleaning! THAT is just my point.  The moment any change, whether it is weather or otherwise, comes about we have to 'control' that change somehow. It has to be assigned to a task or rather multiple tasks have to be