Grieving the loss of a child, the Jewish Approach

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    I noticed that there is a lot of negative emotion on the subject of the Jewish way of #mourning the loss of a newborn, #miscarriage, or #stillbirth of an infant.  I have learned a lot

    It’s Spring! Have You Noticed?

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    What is this woman on about!  Of course I noticed it's spring can't you see?  I'm cleaning! THAT is just my point.  The moment any change, whether it is weather or otherwise, comes about we

    Brain is More Active Than Originally Thought by 10

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    How Active is our brain anyway?  Could you imagine that it is actually 10 times more active than you thought it was? Here is an article that sheds some light and new research on our

    From Woe to WOW: Escape to Sleep

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    Woe: Patty went from the kitchen to the den for only a moment.  She sat on her comfortable but broken couch. She flipped open a magazine.  Patty doesn't remember the article she turned to except