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Doctors are people too with aches and pains.  This doctor recognizes the benefits of self-hypnosis for pain relief.  He is sharing his experience:  Read more here Pain relief    

Sleep HAPPY Here!

Did you think you went to sleep?  Are you are still tired?  Are you happy to go to sleep only to feel frustrated that it just didn't seem to matter? Know why? This is an education piece on what may make a real difference to sleeping and rest. What do you think? Are you going

Pain in the neck?


Brain is More Active Than Originally Thought by 10

How Active is our brain anyway?  Could you imagine that it is actually 10 times more active than you thought it was? Here is an article that sheds some light and new research on our brains. Brainy no?   http://www.cbsnews.com/news/brain-could-be-ten-times-more-active-than-we-thought-scientists-say/

Keep Your Brain Young

Neuroscience and psychology have teamed together to let us know that keeping our brain young is possible and easier than you may realize. Read this article below http://www.inc.com/wanda-thibodeaux/heres-how-to-keep-your-brain-young-according-to-neuroscience-and-psychology.html What technique would you find the simplest to adopt to keep your brain young?

Boost Brain Function with a Snowy Walk

Our Brains function well in cold weather too! You will be surprised to find how good you feel when you come back from a 10 to 15 minute walk. While winter presents some practical challenges it is good for your brain.  So you really should discover for yourself just how the cold acts as a

Does Sleep Debt Matter?

Here is an article i found on the topic of Sleep Debt. What is sleep debt?  Seems more people have a higher rate of sleep debt and that their financial woes might be lightened with a bit more shut eye https://www.somnosure.com/blog/what-is-sleep-debt

Forgiveness isn’t Soft Stuff it is Hard Science: Positively Brain Healthy

So we think 'forgiveness' is divine and to err is human. Look at how G-d wired us! Forgiveness effects the brain! In profound ways. Dr. Dabney Ewin used hypnosis on burn patients before and during surgery.  He found when he could help people to stop 'burning up' and blaming others the skin grafts "took' and


Are you suffering from Irritable Bowel? Here is medical information regarding how hypnosis can help with the symptom relief in a drug free way. Not sure what hypnosis is? Hypnosis is a natural process of deep relaxation with a meditative influence whereby a person can access their own subconscious through self- hypnosis or be guided

Meditation Stimulates the Brain

Hi People can HEAL their BRAIN through awareness and meditation. Meditation is a form of hypnosis :)conscious brain change #BrainChange, #Hypnosis, #medition