Patty went from the kitchen to the den for only a moment.  She sat on her comfortable but broken couch. She flipped open a magazine.  Patty doesn’t remember the article she turned to except that upon awakening hours later she was on page 76. The article was a blur.

‘Oh G-d! its 2am! I must get to bed.  I have to be at work at 8:30!’

Patty went to bed… Sleep had already escaped her.  She tossed.  She turned. No sleep for the weary. She lay quietly trying to count sheep. But her mind whirled with unfinished tasks and the next day’s schedule.

Old arguments rose in Patty’s mind and bile rose in her mouth as her stomach tightened with the pressure of unresolved issues.  Patty’s stomach began to ache in earnest as her mind returned to aggravations, emotional hurt and painful disappointments.

Why couldn’t Patty sleep?  Patty gave up at 6am bleary from lack of sleep and sick to her stomach from the tension.  She just got up and washed her pale, weary face.  Patty looked in the mirror, truth stared back at her. Her bags were the only things that looked plump and healthy this morning.

Patty came to see me.  All Patty wanted was a good night’s sleep.  Was that even possible?

The three session solution

Habit change,  Awareness training

Tension release

Mindfulness and deep relaxation techniques help Patty corral her emotions and make her pillow the welcome release after a long day she can look forward to.

A personal CD that can encourage positive habit change can be a great adjunct to successful intervention.

WOW:  Patty can sleep. She goes to bed at her own discretion and sleeps peacefully through the night.  Her face tells it all Patty is rested and eager to go about her daily activities.  Her bags are now in her hand  not under her eyes.

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