What is this woman on about!  Of course I noticed it’s spring can’t you see?  I’m cleaning!

THAT is just my point.  The moment any change, whether it is weather or otherwise, comes about we have to ‘control’ that change somehow. It has to be assigned to a task or rather multiple tasks have to be assigned to it.

So it is spring:  we have to wash our car, wash the windows, clean for Passover, prepare the garden for planting in a few weeks, put away all the winter clothing, wash our carpets….  In the corporate sector we are cleaning our desk, cleaning our offices, meetings, and planning next year’s corporate calendar.

It is certainly easier to exercise in the spring than in the winter or even sometimes in the summer.  So while we look forward to spring it seems we sure don’t SPRING into it.  We taskify it to death!

We, Yes, need to do our tasks.   Do we need to loose out on the enjoyment of spring while we task?  How can we protect joy in season change and celebrate meaningfully even as we go about our business?

I have a few suggestions though I wonder what you do?

  1. BASK while you task: enjoy the process of ,,, your ability to do whatever process is required or the results.
  2. Repose while you hose – the car, trash cans, siding
  3. SAND – Ahh- thoughts of a sandy beach while you ‘sand’ the dirt off….

In other words take a moment and focus on something pleasant while you are tasking.  Take a step outside- Blaspheme! I know.  Do it anyway.  Take a deep breath. Bring the fresh air back in with you. Allow yourself to feel the spring coolness of the morning or evening air as you go about your business. Take it in don’t miss it this year.

Energize yourself with a walk not necessarily for exercise just 5-10 minutes for respite.

How are  you going to enjoy Spring this year?  Please share here