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Doctors are people too with aches and pains.  This doctor recognizes the benefits of self-hypnosis for pain relief.  He is sharing his experience:  Read more here Pain relief    


Sharp is a state of being.  #Sharp is an #emotion.  Sharp is #pain. Piercing and draining in its depth of penetration into the denial that followed the #diagnosis, the death of the dream, of the child. Sharp is the sound of weeping that is really a scream. Sharp is a necessary emotion.  Living on the

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Surprised Doctor!

I am a Hypnosis coach and recommend using it because it's had such a positive effect on my own life. In 2013, after discovering that I had rapid heart rate (Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia or SVT), the cardiologist recommended and ablation, a minor heart surgery. At that time, my heart-rate was bouncing up 3-4 times a week

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Pain in the neck?


From Woe to WOW: Escape to Sleep

Woe: Patty went from the kitchen to the den for only a moment.  She sat on her comfortable but broken couch. She flipped open a magazine.  Patty doesn't remember the article she turned to except that upon awakening hours later she was on page 76. The article was a blur. 'Oh G-d! its 2am! I


It is life saving to be pulled out of quick sand but sure doesn't feel good on the way out... only after the realization has sunk in.  I am alive!  I am here on the grass!  I am safe.. Whatever got lost in the quick sand is actually gone as well. I got introduced to hypnosis

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Hypnosis Helpful According to Neuroscience

How does Hypnosis actually aide neuroscience?  What state is that state we confusingly call 'sleep' in hypnosis? Two researchers Oakly and Halligan have shed light on this subject: Read more here: http://digest.bps.org.uk/2013/08/neuroscience-gets-serious-about-hypnosis.html

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