Sleep HAPPY Here!

Did you think you went to sleep?  Are you are still tired?  Are you happy to go to sleep only to feel frustrated that it just didn't seem to matter? Know why? This is an education piece on what may make a real difference to sleeping and rest. What do you think? Are you going


Raw... that's how I feel and that's why I cannot speak.  Since the death of my grandson, the deterioration of my husband's physical health... Moving domicile... twice! I moved into one apartment temporarily, then when the permanent location was ready (August 1) I moved again, three weeks ago.  All in between June and August, running

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From Woe to WOW: Escape to Sleep

Woe: Patty went from the kitchen to the den for only a moment.  She sat on her comfortable but broken couch. She flipped open a magazine.  Patty doesn't remember the article she turned to except that upon awakening hours later she was on page 76. The article was a blur. 'Oh G-d! its 2am! I

NOT AGAIN ! unHAPPY to be awake now?

It's 2am and you are still Awake!! Each time you close your eyes images, conversations, tears come but no sleep.  It feels as if you have never slept.   Your body is so tired your eyes hurt and yet closing them doesn't help.  How about counting sheep, numbers, children... No,  not thinking about the trouble

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Does Sleep Debt Matter?

Here is an article i found on the topic of Sleep Debt. What is sleep debt?  Seems more people have a higher rate of sleep debt and that their financial woes might be lightened with a bit more shut eye

Sleep Debt! Don’t I Have Enough Debt Already?

Wikipedia defines sleep debt as the cumulative effect of lack of sleep. Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t define these words at all. Large amounts of lost sleep can lead to mental and physical fatigue. Who is affected by sleep debt MOMS especially NEW MOMS, shift workers, internet users and gamers that push off sleep because they are

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Hypnosis Helpful According to Neuroscience

How does Hypnosis actually aide neuroscience?  What state is that state we confusingly call 'sleep' in hypnosis? Two researchers Oakly and Halligan have shed light on this subject: Read more here:

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