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Eating Less, Drinking Less Alcohol too!
Dear Tammy, I want to thank you for the great first session we had last week. Since our session I have noticed the following effects: 1. My appetite has decreased by 25 – 30 % 2. I am drinking way more water 3.
Nira A
Pre- surgery calm and able to carry on
My surgery was approaching and I was so nervous! Tammy’s timely hypnosis session helped me be calmer overall. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the night before the surgery I slept very soundly too. It was such a relief to feel rested and able to face this challenge.
Beverly K.
Repeating thought pattern interrupt
My mind was stuck on some particularly negative thoughts. Neither day nor night left me relaxed as these thoughts kept invading. Tammy helped me rid myself of this defeating pattern. I feel relaxed and free now. Thanks!
Pavel B.
Calm Despite Conflict
Hi Tammy, An added benefit of our session was the calm I have been able to maintain at work. My stressful job can go ‘over the top’ when the families of my patient in palliative care are in trauma or the situation escalates resulting in loss. One such happened yesterday.
Sue P.
Calm during Cancer Surgery
i am looking forward to telling you all the ways that hypnosis helped – I slept the night before, I saw the ‘robot’ that was assisting the surgery that makes many women cry. I did not cry I even saw the robot as a helper sort of. After the surgery I felt calm too and unafraid, a type of knowing all would be good.
G-d has given you a special gift and me one in knowing you!
Regina S.
I highly recommend giving Tammy Gilden’s hypnosis therapy a try. Even though I know flying is necessary I hate to fly and after about 4 hours I need to get off the plane or I’m climbing the walls. I’m claustrophobic and I’m scared of heights. This was a flight home to Israel from Canada of eleven hours I was undertaking and a 747 isn’t even big enough for me. I always picture the floor of the airplane as being clear so I’m seeing myself 35,000+ feet about the ground and the plane is just a long cigar in my view.I had tried hypnosis before to help me quit smoking and it didn’t work, so needless to say I was skeptical to try again. But I figured what the heck; the anti-anxiety pillsI had been taking to fly would leave my memory fuzzy about the plane ride and not remembering parts of the trips I’d taken and I didn’t like that I couldn’t remember. Tammy and I started off just talking about flying while I was sitting in a very comfortable chair. There’s no swinging watch or “you are getting sleepy” lines. My skeptical side kept trying to derail me but Tammy’s soothing voice helped make it easier for me to relax and listen to what she asked me to do – visualize, feelings, imaginings etc. As I was waiting in the lounge area to board the plane I thought, wow, no way am I doing this without my anti-anxiety pills but I felt reassured that I at least had them in my purse. As we taxied down the runaway I thought, okay this is not so bad, even though taking off and leaving the safety of the ground causes its own separateanxiety. The first couple of hours after take-off usually aren’t a big problem, and I still had my prescription anti-anxiety pills to fall back on if I needed to. I proceeded to read on my Kindle, enjoy the first in-flight meal and then doze off while feeling perfectly okay and not believing that I was comfortable and relaxed at the same time. By then I was starting to think that wow, maybe this hypnosis thing is for real because I wasn’t crawling up the walls and I didn’t feel that I needed a straight-jacket. And at this point 6+ hours into the flight it was way past my tolerance for flying without being drugged. I attribute by successful, non-drugged flight that I can completely remember in detail to the hypnosis session I had with Tammy Gilden about four hours before my flight. I highly recommend her services to anyone suffering from anxiety or a behaviour you would like to modify.

RuthEsther FineJerusalem, Israel

Ruth Esther Fine
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