What is a VIRTUAL Gastric Band? Is it surgery? Is it something else? How does it work? Is it right for me? 

The Virtual Gastric Band is a Hypnosis technique that engages your imagination in the story of your pretend gastric band surgical experience. There is never any physical manifestation of surgery, no scars, no blood, and no recovery from surgery. There are no negative side effects of surgery because you have never had the surgery at all.

However, because our brains do not differentiate between reality and fiction, by experiencing the virtual experience we are able to imagine that it really did happen. Then behave ‘as if’ it did.

So we can have the behaviour without the pain and surgical risk involved. You learn to ‘hear’ your body’s cues for fullness and respond to them by ceasing to eat. You notice your comfortable feeling of satiety and stop eating automatically without stress or even thinking about it.


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Hi. I’m Tammy Gilden, and I am a Certified Virtual Gastric Band Health Coach from Toronto

gildenvgbWho is VGB good for? Anyone can use the technique however, usually highly overweight people use it. People who have been turned down for the surgery, people who have had the surgery and for whatever reason it hasn’t given them the weight loss they thought it would.

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Want to finally release the weight and step into a brighter future?

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a 4 week Program of sessions with CD, mp3, and email support. Our nurturing supportive non-judgemental environment collaborates with you and assists in your weight loss success.

Is your ‘weight & see’ keeping you from succeeding in your quest to bring the ‘thin you within you’ out of the closet?

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*Sheila conducted a free trial for 25 people and found VGB to result positive for 24 of the 25 people. Total weight loss was an impressive 190 lb (419 kg) in five weeks. A (GP) general practitioner in East Yorkshire, England, arranged for a second trial to be conducted for 12 of his patients who had been removed from the weight loss surgery list on the UK’s National Health Services waiting list. The results:  95% of that group experienced a positive weight loss.

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Dear Tammy, I want to thank you for the great first session we had last week. Since our session I have noticed the following effects: 1. My appetite has decreased by 25 – 30 % 2. I am drinking way more water 3. While I could easily drink 2 – 3 glasses of wine, this
Nira A. Israel
My surgery was approaching and I was so nervous! Tammy’s timely hypnosis session helped me be calmer overall. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the night before the surgery I slept very soundly too. It was such a relief to feel rested and able to face this challenge.
Beverly K. Toronto, Ontario
My mind was stuck on some particularly negative thoughts. Neither day nor night left me relaxed as these thoughts kept invading. Tammy helped me rid myself of this defeating pattern. I feel relaxed and free now. Thanks
Pavel B. GTA, Ontario
Hi Tammy I cannot thank you enough for helping to enable me to drive again without severe reactions! Last week I was in a minor fender bender, I was physically fine but the incident caused me to remember a previous event in which I witnessed the death of a traffic victim. After my fender bender,
Cora W., United Kingdom
Hi Tammy, An added benefit of our session was the calm I have been able to maintain at work. My stressful job can go ‘over the top’ when the families of my patient in palliative care are in trauma or the situation escalates resulting in loss. One such happened yesterday. The family member was really
Sue P.